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Black Camaro

Black Camaro is from Las Vegas, and not unlike many of our local bands, it self-releases its own music; if you want this CD, you have to send away for it. Despite all that, you should know about Black Camaro; it's created this wild musical world teeming with seedy characters and scenes of 20something creative desolation. It's wonderful stuff.

Black Camaro perverts the already perverted cheesy-synth pop feel of Vegas into songs with names like "Shit and Champagne" and "Put That Bottle Down." The non-album tracks on its Myspace music page are a phone conversation called "You Shouldn't Have Fucked Her" and its follow-up song, "Why Did You Fuck Him?" The band is a calmer Ween, a weirder Pavement; its twisted lo-fi pop goes from almost sincere sentimentality ("Send my regards to the sun / Is it burning anyone?" from "Re: The Sun") to ridiculous surrealism ("Kill the man, Charles!" voices begin to wail at the end of "Killamanjaro" as an alarm clock beeps). "Dusty Fan" is almost creepy, and "Karaoke Colonel" sounds like the Beatles on even more drugs.

Black Camaro's sound comes from Brian Garth and Thomas Miller's doubled-up, fuzzy and slightly out-of-key falsetto vocals, which sometime veer into minor keys, giving the seemingly harmless songs a crazy twinge. Hang Gilder is the band's second record; its first, White People Fucked up the Blues, was all over the place musically, and had goofy songs. Hang Glider is darker, more subversive and a heck of a lot longer, although the sense of humor is still intact; Black Camaro refuses to take itself seriously, and the music is seriously nonchalant.

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