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Dark New Day

Typically, a super-group consists of a musical ensemble of players who have previously established themselves in past projects.

Depending on how you look at it, Dark New Day is the new "super-group" that features ex-members of Sevendust, Creed, Stereomud and Skrape. Even though Twelve Year Silence is the group's first record, it is not the first time they have performed together. The members of Dark New Day originally formed more than a decade ago but went their separate ways to pursue other projects. After gaining success on different levels, the members reunited 12 years later (hence the album title) to make music for the masses. Isn't that special?

Twelve Year Silence sounds exactly how it is promoted--a combination of Sevendust, Creed, etc. If this band was to recycle its old riffs in attempt to fool the consumer, couldn't they have done so from each member's somewhat decent catalog (i.e. early, not latter Sevendust)?

A matching percussion beat and bassline with an arena-rock essence introduces the opening track, "Taking Me Alive." The song spends its verses as some sort of buildup to the "explosive" chorus. "Take everything you need to keep you satisfied," groans vocalist Brett Hestla, sounding like a rip-off of Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy.

The next track, "Brother," follows the same flow of the song that precedes it, complete with a main riff that tries too hard to be hooky or catchy. Attention guitarist Clint Lowery: If you're not in Sevendust anymore, then quit playing like it.

The only thing "super" about this album is the sound of dead silence once the stop button has been pressed.

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