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The latest official release from the chronically underrated one-man outfit Electroshockbox, Panther Master, is slick in both packaging and production. It's also silly as all hell, with a cartoon ninja-panther (which is also a demon!) on the cover, Tron-D's hilariously goofy lyrics and the kind of techno beats that actually make fun of themselves (like a "more electronic Revolting Cocks," he says, accurately, on his Web site).

Exploring some absurd fantasy world of his own imagining, Tron-D raps about Satan, voodoo, girls, stepping up in the club and mega blasters. Most memorably, his instant classic "Titties on My Back" highlights the "one thing I really really really like / when I'm cruisin' on my BMX bike," and features Diana Denboer of Coin as the titty supplier who needs a ride to "the Piggly Viggly."

There are also a couple of pretty funny skits involving, variously, a lengthy piss and some kind of crazy potion made with "monkey brains a la mode." But toward the album's end, an ominous warning leaves the listener fearing for his life: "I am the panther master / black magic is my tool / soon we'll unveil / with the plans for master panther plans of destruction." However, since the master panther is merely unveiling his plan for plans of destruction, it seems like we might have some lead time for a getaway. There are probably some permits or something he might need.

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