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The walking erections that are the Coachwhips whip up a superbly warped, sexually deviant racket that is the equivalent of a speed freak trapped in a telephone booth. It's claustrophobic, hyperkinetic and agitated, leaving one crawling the walls, looking for an escape hatch from the disintegrating, lo-fi thrash frenzy.

At an ambitious 10 songs in 21 minutes, and recorded "live" in-studio, this Bay Area three-piece creates distorted chaos that sounds as if they use short-circuited, fast-food drive-in microphones and decrepit gymnasium loudspeakers as a means of amplification. Influences range from rockabilly nutcase Hasil Adkins to the tweaking porno debauchery of the Dwarves to the in-your-face noise-mongering of the underappreciated Pussy Galore. Horndog guitarist/screamer John Dwyer lets loose with caveman grunts that are nothing more than misanthropic slogans and barely decipherable, ramshackle lyrics dealing with cheap food ("PB + J"), smacking people upside the head ("Be My Baby") and loads of pussy swank ("Did You Cum?").

The infantile and unadulterated sexual pounding on "Oops Uh Uh," featuring severely fractured scuzz guitar and untamed drumming from Matt Hartman, detonates like spent shells ejecting from an anti-aircraft gun, making critic's darlings like the Black Keys resemble flaccid, AOR dweebs like Ferrante & Teicher. The main attraction besides Dwyer's incoherent singing and pulverizing guitar terror is the garage sale organ bleeps from Val-Tronic, simultaneously instigating one to shake his or her ass and run for cover.

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