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Gone are the makeup and any fictitious monikers. Mudvayne has returned with their third effort, Lost and Found. It's their finest album.

One of the group's heaviest, angriest and ugliest songs ever recorded, "Determined" opens the album. Exploding from the start like a fusion bomb, "Determined" is a bombardment of crushing riffage and a sledgehammer rhythm section. "Never wanted any more than what I deserve. ... Fuck an inch 'cause I'm bringing a mile," grunts vocalist Chad Gray.

A band of various emotions, Mudvayne has always produced music from all ends of the metal barometer. Two songs that roll right into one another, "Rain, Sun, Gone" and "Choices," showcase the band's mix of mood and melody. "The body's just a vehicle to hold, until we find another space / Find another place to start this over," harmonizes Gray in "Rain, Sun, Gone"--a melodic roller coaster dealing with mourning. "There's no choice in freedom / There's no voice in freedom," rants Gray in the eight-minute opus "Choices," before the song fades into ending with the George Bush "Read My Lips" speech.

Gray offers the best advice ever on "TV Radio": "Turn off the radio, turn off the TV ... Eliminate me, you turn me into lifeless cliché, thoughtless, unbelievable,"

Unlike the madmen's past releases, 2000's L.D. 50 and 2002's The End of All Things to Come, Lost and Found is the first Mudvayne first album that never loses any steam. All 12 tracks are individually solid and unique--not one song seems to be an album filler this time around.

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