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This double-disc set (one CD and one DVD) collects 16 singles, B-sides and download-onlys on the first, with live footage and several videos on the second. With tracks spanning from 1998 until 2004, Lost Marbles covers a lot of territory and makes it look easy. Fronted by hyperactive ex-Brianiac guy John Schmersal, and grounded by ex-Blonde Redhead bass player Toko Yasuda, Enon seem to be having enough fun for an entire garage full of kids with cheap keyboards and tube amps. Trading vocals and instruments like thrift store shoes, Schmersal and Yasuda--joined by various compadres over the years--throw down a mess of keyboard- and guitar-driven, shape-shifting pop played at tempos ranging from middling to funky to manic. With plenty of offhand, what-the-hell beats and tweaks and lyrics that major in non sequitur, Enon deftly have their screwy pop and eat it, too. Check the titles and imagine the rest: "Normal Is Happening," "Grain of Assault," "Tilt You Up!" No surprise that these guys have toured with the Flaming Lips.

The videos show expansive range and visual wit, from giddy flower power animation ("Daughter in the House of Fools") to multimedia club psychedelia ("In This City") to spazzy, early XTC power punk ("Carbonation"). The long, rambling "January 1st, 1999" is a tour diary as performance art. And there's even more than a hint of melancholy under the surface here, giving it all some gravity and depth. Clever and (possibly) deep. Not bad for a band spelled "none" backwards.

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