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If the demise of mallcore, rap/metal fusion hasn't been apparent in the last two years, then look no further for proof than the new release from Papa Roach, Getting Away With Murder.

The third major-label release from the high school buddies from Vacaville, Calif., is a lazy, effortless, annoying piece of crap. Seemingly tired of being a distant third to the likes of Korn and Limp Bizkit, P-Roach has tried to show their musical evolution on Murder. "Tried" is the operative word.

Gone are the down-tuned, heavy beats that made them famous with their breakthrough hit, "Last Resort," from 2000's Infest. Now, Papa Roach have tried to minimize the wallows of rage and emotion, and tap more into harmonies and melodies to get their feelings across. Once again, there's a huge emphasis on the word "tried."

The lyrics of vocalist Jacoby Shaddix have lost purpose and direction on the new effort. Possibly run dry of topics to scream about from previous albums, Shaddix's lyrics sound forced and elementary. On the track "Not Listening," Shaddix declares, "I told you before, I won't listen no more! I told you before, let's settle the score." Either Shaddix is struggling to rhyme, or has found his fourth-grade daily journal entries, because the lyrics on Murder would only have an impact on a fourth-grader.

In hopes of growing as musicians, it appears that Papa Roach have borrowed from outside influences. Then again, the track "Be Free" sounds like a complete rip-off of your typical Buckcherry Top 40 hit. Good direction to head in, guys.

An end of an era, indeed ... good riddance!

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