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In 1984, Twisted Sister released the classic (yes, I said classic) album Stay Hungry. Made popular by such hits as "I Wanna Rock" and "We're Not Gonna Take It," Stay Hungry became a mainstream juggernaut.

The biggest problem: The members of the band were never happy with the album.

After a nasty, bitter breakup and a pseudo-reunion, Stay Hungry has been given a revivification, 20 years later: The result is Still Hungry.

The original nine tracks have definitely been given an upgrade--all sound heavier and thicker, in all musical aspects. Dee Snider's vocals are slightly less operatic and ballsier, especially on "Stay Hungry" and "Burn in Hell." Even the guitar solos received a rebirth. The most noticeable is on "We're Not Gonna Take It"; the guitar solo before the song's climax was extended and improved from the original recordings.

To give added appeal, Still Hungry comes with loads of bonus material. Two tracks that never made it onto Stay Hungry--"Never Say Never" and "Blastin' Fast and Loud"--were re-recorded during a 1999 studio session and slapped onto this package.

Twisted Sister also added four newly recorded songs that were always a part of their live performances, but never made it to record. "Rock N' Roll Saviors" stands out as the best of the other new studio tracks. "We're going to fight with all our might 'til disco is dead," commands Snider during the song's chorus--oh, how badass and '80s that is! If that's not enough, the band also tossed in "Heroes Are Hard to Find," recorded in 2000 for the StrangeLand soundtrack.

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