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Hey hey, my my, punk rock will never die. Instead, it walks among us, a brain-dead zombie stumbling across the musical landscape, briefly flickering to life whenever it bumps into a garage-rock mausoleum or an electro-clash tombstone. But dead it remains, its rudimentary, remedial, three-chord formula forever appealing to a youth market that confuses shopping at Hot Topic with genuine rebellion.

Or is it the music critic who mixes up fashion with fascist statement?

Regardless, the Pervz are a Las Vegas trio intent on carrying the punk-fueled torch (first ignited by the Ramones, the Damned, the Sex Pistols in the late '70s) into the 21st century. They do a decent job of it on their nine-song release, Get It Out, which runs the gamut, from the Minor Threat mosh pit of the title track to the Hate Your Friends-era Lemonheads pop of "I Don't Care." For "I Want It Now," they throw in some white-boy blues licks, just so you don't label them "pop-punk"--though they inexplicably follow this with a cribbed riff from Green Day's "Longview" during the bitter, pissed-off chorus of "Pill." Oh well, you can't say the Pervz are anything less than comprehensive in their knowledge of the punk-rock canon.

With their suits, skinny ties and good looks, the Pervz are perfect background music for pounding PBRs in a dive bar. Make sure and hold on to your Mohawk when they lay into their one masterpiece, "My Babe," a scorching, Stooges-type rocker that's so down-and-dirty it'll leave skid marks in your underwear.

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