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Alter Bridge

To the delight of many, Creed is no more.

After years of being held back by the visions of former frontman Scott "Jesus Freak" Stapp, a void needed to be filled. Enter former Mayfield Four singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy, who, along with former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott Phillips and original bassist Brian Marshall, comprise Alter Bridge.

The band's debut album, One Day Remains, is a passion-filled (of music, not of The Christ), pure rock album.

The biggest misconception of this band, or album, is to assume that it simply sounds like Creed Part Two. The only inclination toward this comes from the track "Open Your Eyes," which is the album's first single released to radio.

Throughout One Day Remains, Tremonti shines as a songwriter. From riffs to melodies to lyrics, Tremonti can finally be recognized for his musical genius.

Kennedy's vocals best suit an arena-rock styling. No matter the direction of a song, Kennedy executes the right emotional wavelengths.

What makes One Day Remains a unique rock album is that each individual track manages to stand out in its own way. "Find the Real" opens with a riff barrage that sounds like a combination of Seattle grunge and a laid-back Pantera. "In Loving Memory" is a personal, uplifting ballad Tremonti wrote following the passing of his mother.

"I am not alone / I live with the memories, regret is my home / This is my true freedom," opens the ever-building "Shed My Skin." Lyrically, the song seems to reflect Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall breaking away from their former prison.

Who the hell does Scott Stapp think he is, anyway?

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