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When not blasting some of the sickest beats in modern metal, Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera endlessly works on other passions. His company, Herrera Produc-tions, provides music and sound effects for film and video games.

Mischief Invasion is the next chapter in the film series based upon popular street racing--a realistic The Fast and the Furious. Herrera coordinated some tracks with Fear Factory guitarist Christian Olde-Wolbers.

The soundtrack opens with a remix of the title track to Fear Factory's new album, Archetype (previously reviewed in R&V). While driven by fast techno beats and fills, "Archetype" is presented here in a more distorted mix that still manages to capture the emotional proclamation of the Fear Factory cut.

The remaining 15 tracks are techno-based, cyber-rock compositions, minus vocals.

"Snitches (Are a Dying Breed)" is musically similar to the likes of Fear Factory and Static-X--a heavy, down-tuned guitar and bass riff highlight the fast-paced programming; after two minutes of spooky sound effects, an early Nirvana-style grunge riff takes "Put Out" toward a new plateau; and endlessly changing dance club beats and distorted guitar harmonies make "Cruise" seem like a perfect track for freeway car chases.

Although techno music is not my cup of tea, I respect Herrera's efforts in creating something different. If nothing else, the Mischief Invasion soundtrack serves as good music to occupy time while performing mindless tasks.

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