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The Coffin Lids execute 14 blasts of primitive, no-frills garage rock as simple and straightforward as the effortless title of their debut release. Imagine a revved-up organ and fuzz guitar version of underrated '90s Boston-area crud punk counterparts, Cheater Slicks. More obvious influences include surf (a freak-out cover of the Chantays' "Pipeline" complete with a wah-wah pedal gone amok), the New Bomb Turks, Cramps, Misfits, Gories and Sonics.

The Coffin Lids write songs about four basic food groups associated with their twisted vision of rock-and-roll: cars ("Supercharger"), chicks ("Be My Girl"), booze ("Beer & Rock'N'Roll") and monsters ("Nite of the Zombies"). The modus operandi here is fast, loose, distorted and thoroughly uncomplicated (the refrain of 'I'm on the loose girl. I'm on the loose tonight' is the basic guts and soul of the Neanderthal-dumb "On the Loose"). B-grade horror movies are habitual in the Coffin Lids extracurricular activities, such as the creepy, Farfisa-fueled barnstormer of "Nite of the Zombies," the uninhibited rave-up of "One Foot in the Grave" and the spookily infectious "Vampire Girl," a blatant, basement-arranged rip-off of the Monkees' pop classic "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone." "Supercharger" is more a nod toward the defunct lo-fi garage rawk trailblazers of the same name than a homage to muscle cars, while "Smokin' Monkey" would fit perfectly alongside Lux Interior's demented arsenal of perverse rockabilly psychosis.

"Beer & rock'n'roll is all I want," singer/organist/guitarist Coffin Mike gleefully shouts on "Beer & Rock'N'Roll." If only life in general were so damned simple, we'd all be better off.

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