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Several polls taken since the beginning of the election stampede have shown that most voters unhappy with the current state of affairs are really voting against President Bush and not for any particular candidate: Rock Against Bush is the punk rockers' battalion. Twenty-six songs compiled by Fat Mike of Fat Wreck Chords and a DVD full of documentaries and music videos, Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 is a rally cry for the punk troops.

The bands on Vol. 1 range from NOFX to Denali. Several bands (Sum-41, Ministry, The Offspring, the Descendents and New Found Glory, to name a few) contribute previously unreleased or rare tracks that are specifically anti-Bush or politically charged. The strongest songs are, by far, those addressing the issue at hand, like The Get-Up Kids' "The Lion and the Lamb" and Anti-Flag's "School of Assassins." The punk rock mentality and song formula have always been political, so nothing about this compilation seems pretentious or put-on; there's something about screaming your opposition that lends it a certain sense of sincerity.

"This compilation is not about making a profit; it's about making a difference," says the inside leaflet, and Volume 2 of Rock Against Bush is slated for release later in August. (As if we needed even more reasons to vote against Bush.)

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