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Imagine Fugazi without Ian Mackaye and Guy Picciotto, and you have Decahedron. The combined effort of Fugazi bassist Joe Lally, Frodus guitarist Shelby Cinca and Frodus drummer Jason Hamacher, Decahedron wavers back and forth between Fugazi-esque basslines and choruses, and uninspired hardcore structures. The idea of the band is good, but ideas aren't always enough.

Decahedron sounds just like every other band of its lineage and peer group, and the metaphors are cliché--you'll find lots of burning hearts and suns and drownings and the like. The record, as the title indicates, says again and again that our culture is false and disconnected, but never really provides a meaningful solution. The first track, "Delete False Culture," asks the listener to "question this spectacle" and "stay inside" for "the outside world burns holes through your heart." Well, OK, but I don't really see how staying inside and shutting oneself off from the world will really help to "delete" culture that is "false."

The whole idea of false culture is problematic in itself; if you define culture as a set of shared beliefs, who is to say those beliefs are false? The portrait of culture painted by Decahedron is only bleak because of its lack of originality or sincerity; it's really hard to take someone seriously, even if they're screaming, when they're screaming sentiments that have been screamed time and time again, over chord progressions and hardcore effects that we've heard time and time again.

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