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Drowning Pool

When lead singer Dave Williams died during the Ozzfest 2002 tour, the future of Drowning Pool was uncertain.

Fast forward two years: The Pantera/Damageplan protégés from Dallas return to prove their critics wrong ... and they do so convincingly.

Los Angeles tattoo artist Jason "Gong" Jones is the new voice for Drowning Pool on Desensitized, and succeeds in assuming a difficult position.

"Think" kicks off this crushing album. An arena-rock, head-banging anthem, Jones prophesizes, "Think about your life; you wouldn't give it up," at the track's start.

The next song is "Step Up," which was featured on The Punisher soundtrack. "If you wanna step up, you're gonna get knocked down," Jones sings during the chorus.

"Hate" is another track that continues the hard rock stampede contained within Desensitized.

To balance the loud barrage of rock are "slower," passionate tracks that stand out. "This Life" was one of the first songs Drowning Pool put music to after Williams' passing. "I will hold out 'til the answers all unfold," cries Jones in this track about controlling one's own destiny.

Overcoming difficult situations is an obvious, overall theme throughout Desensitized: "And it's pain when I look into your eyes I see / This could be the way you want your life to be/Numb."

"Nothingness" is another highlight that demonstrates the emotion and unity of Drowning Pool.

Few bands have been fortunate enough to successfully rebound from the loss of a band member. AC/DC did it. Metallica did it, and now Drowning Pool can be added to that list.

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