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36 Crazyfists

Having grown up musically since their first album, Alaskan-bred 36 Crazyfists are back with A Snow Capped Romance.

Combining a likeness of label-mates Killswitch Engage with Thursday, and Thrice with a set of balls, 36 Crazyfists are out to challenge themselves and their fans.

A noticeable difference from the band's debut disc, 2002's Bitterness the Star, is the progression of lyrics from vocalist Brock Lindow. Having previously focused on dark subject matters, Lindow is now doing the opposite. The opening track, "At the End of August," deals with friendship. "Carved across our chest, loyalty," barks Lindow during the song's opening verse.

Also noticeable with Lindow's lyrics is the lack of cursing, which has always been a trend among most hard rock/heavy metal acts. Go ahead: Invite the family to listen to this hard, yet clean album.

The dynamically powerful "Skin and Atmosphere" is a standout on this album. Seeming to reflect on moving forward from past experiences, Lindow pleads, "Prove me wrong; I want you to prove me wrong," at the track's end.

"Cure Eclipse" is a heavy epic about self-discovery and recovery: "The night breathes different ... I found so much more this way."

James Wisner produced the album, and was able to showcase the band's evolving musicianship. Studio wizard Andy Sneap masterfully mixed the album, making 36 Crazyfists sound as powerful as any other metal band out there.

Given the right breaks and opportunities, 36 Crazyfists are destined to make a name for themselves.

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