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Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage, America's answer to European power metal, are back with their third release, The End of Heartache. The New England-based band manages to crown themselves kings of a new movement in metal with the sonic maelstrom contained within The End of Heartache.

With the new album come two new additions to the lineup: Howard Jones, who took over vocal duties weeks after the release of the band's second effort, Alive or Just Breathing, and drummer Justin Foley, recruited from Jones' side project Blood Had Been Shed.

Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz produced this album, and the opening track, "A Bid Farewell" is in-your-face and well-orchestrated, sets the tone for what's to come. Jones' vocals drastically switch from bloodcurdling screams to melodic harmonies--instantly blowing old singer Jesse Leach out of the water.

The track "When Darkness Falls" originally appeared on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack, and was the first song the band wrote with Jones. The song goes through a roller coaster of tempo changes, complete with Zakk Wylde-esque guitar wails.

Also featured on this brutal album is the track "Rose of Sharyn"--an aural representation of the meaning of the word "heavy" in all aspects. The musical dynamics constantly build, along with the lyrics. "I mourn for those who never knew you."

Other highlights include "Breathe Life" and the monster epic that is the album's title track.

Like most music, metal is constantly changing, and for now, Killswitch Engage is in charge.

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