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Brazilian heavy-metal icon Max Cavalera has returned with Prophecy, a new dose of destruction from his band Soulfly. Produced by Cavalera in Phoenix, Prophecy marks yet another beginning in the history of the band. A new cast of musicians backs Cavalera for this journey, just like on Soulfly's previous albums. Former Ill Nino guitarist Mark Rizzo is the new axman, while bass duties are split between Dave Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) and Bobby Burns (ex-Primer 55). Rejoining the band on drums is Joe Nunez, who played on 2000's Primitive.

Prophecy is an example of one man's willingness and dedication to constantly create earth-shattering music. Following a personal trend, Cavalera, the former frontman of Sepultura, traveled the world to find the perfect musical inspiration. For Prophecy, Cavalera journeyed to Serbia to collaborate with native musicians. The experiment resulted in the track "Moses," an exotic, epic track that references the Bible.

Speaking of the Bible, a highlight on the album is the track "I Believe." Featuring heavy, down-tuned riffs with Cavalera's signature barking vocal style, the song is about Cavalera's faith in God.

"Every man needs to find his own destiny / I believe in God to infinity," proclaims Cavalera in the song's chorus.

Along with faith in God, song themes on Prophecy include war, domination and defiance.

"Born again anarchist, downstroy the system within / Born again anarchist, downstroy your bullshit," shouts Cavalera during the loud, in-your-face track, "Born Again Anarchist." As if that weren't enough, Soulfly also covers the Helmet song, "In the Meantime," on the album.

Although Prophecy may have been a challenging risk for Cavalera and his new bandmates, it paid off well.

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