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Numbers is one girl and two boys from San Francisco who make music about as complicated as a kindergarten addition lesson. They're touted as a Kraftwerk/No Wave punk ensemble who are fun to dance to, which sounds like a great combination, except that "fun to dance to" does not necessarily mean that the music is worth your precious time to listen to. In My Mind All The Time is a dance record for people who think dancing is just thrusting your arms and hips about in a desperate attempt to add something sorely lacking from the music itself.

Drummer Indra Dunis sings most of the songs, in a half-talking, monotone punk style, while guitarist Dave Broekema and keyboardist Eric Landmark play repetitive and annoying noises in the background. In My Mind All The Time is their second full-length on Tigerbeat 6, and is slightly less grating than their previous efforts; in other words, I was able to listen to it more than once without wanting to scratch my eyes out.

There is absolutely nothing profound or poetic in the lyrics, "It is on fire. Hot fire," which, incidentally, are the only lyrics in the song with the title (surprise!) "Hot Fire."

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