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It's true that Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the rest of the guys in Aerosmith are old enough to be the grandfathers of the new batch of rockers. After decades of performing, it is good to know they have not lost any of the edge, talent and volume (which recently put them in Rock and Roll's Hall of Fame) in their new album Just Push Play. While all the reliable elements have been incorporated, the group is definitely willing to try something completely different as well. Hit single "Jaded" is classic Aerosmith at its best, complete with a Perry guitar solo. Just Push Play is surprisingly rife with the sexual innuendos of old, and "Fly Away From Here" is a power ballad that only Tyler can pull off with his unmistakable voice.

What is amazing is how different the band sounds in tracks like the fanciful "Sunshine" and the wild "Trip Hoppin'." The Middle Eastern background music used to jump start the album in "Beyond Beautiful" spotlights why they all are still a formidable influence on even this generation's music fans.

Sometimes, though, all of this over-the-top excess is too much and the album falters a bit. Experimentation is welcome, but a few tracks would have benefited from being toned down and more focused. Still, it is hard to knock them down when there are enough hits here to keep them around for years to come.

Obviously, Aerosmith is not entering retirement without a fight.