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Dave Matthews Band

It's not every day that music this excellent hits the shelves. As Dave Matthews opens his energetic new single, "I Did It," with "I'm mixing up a bunch of magic stuff ...," he is foreshadowing just what he has in store for the group's fourth studio album. While the disc as a whole is not as perfect as U2's stunning All That You Can't Leave Behind, it is a worthy effort worth one's time and money.

Emotions are stirred while Matthew's knack for writing beautifully poetic verses is showcased in the wonderful "The Space Between." Every track has a life of its own, with unique sounds and cleverly thought-provoking verses to make their diverse set of fans pleased. The band itself does a stellar job of complementing Matthew's vocals with both upbeat and emotionally-charged tempos. How can any song go wrong with Boyd Tinsley playing violin, Leroi Moore on the sax and Carter Beauford's congas?

Not that there aren't a few wrong moments during Everyday. Matthews has a tendency to meander along for a little too long during the overly sappy "Sleep to Dream Her" and is saved from an over-the-top song like "Mother Father" with the assistance of the legendary Santana. These missteps are easily forgiven when one realizes how fortunate we are to still have a group with credibility and meaning behind their deep lyrics.

It is almost a shame that these songs will be altered in classic DMB improv while the group tours across the U.S. It's safe to assume that Matthews and his crew know where they are going musically with what their fans want to hear. That is why they will live to see another day, again and again.

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