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Kid Rock

NO MATTER HOW annoying Detroit's most famous piece of white trash gets, a number of his platinum-selling Devil Without A Cause tunes, primarily the slinky/hooky "Cowboy" and that "Bawitdaba" nursery rhyme jingle, sound great on the radio. Here, two new numbers keep the Kid's mojo working, chief among them the boasting, icon-name-checking, Metallica-drenched "American Bad Ass." The rest of the album's a limp, often homophobic assemblage of tracks from his pre-breakthrough '93 and '96 albums The Polyfuze Method and Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp. One particularly addled piece of conceptual rock-rap fusion: "Born To Be A Hick," which cobbles together assorted Chuck Berry and Beach Boys riffs then lays a bizarre Jeff Foxworthy rant on top. You might be a redneck if--you buy this album! The pro-pot, anti-authority "F**k That" shows some promise; too bad Rock's too much of a pussy to print the word "fuck." Selling CDs at Wal-Mart's tough on rebellion, eh? Oh well, in the booklet you do get, alongside photos of Rock fondling busty porn chicks and hangin' with celebs like ZZ Top and Limp Bizkit, a vintage pic of the very Caucasian Kid when he was sporting a gravity-defying, nine-inch high-top fade. Roll over Fresh Prince, and tell Ralph Ellison the news.
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