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NEIL HAGERTY AND Jennifer Herrema, a.k.a. Royal Trux, are the epitome of postmodern rock-n-roll. Many have tried to de/reconstruct the rock and roll idiom, but in terms of genres tackled, I'm convinced Royal Trux has simply built a better mousetrap. More than a decade of experimental noisemaking has given the duo license to take on aspects of almost any genre to couple with a trademark psychedelic-boogie-swamp rock with scratchy, grunt-filled vocals--and without an ounce of pretension!

Radio is no exception. If you enjoyed the noisy, disjointed chaos on side two of last year's Veterans of Disorder, you won't be disappointed here. Radio finds the Trux incorporating layers of effects and drum loops into the guitar noodling of Hagerty and the repetitive scratch of Herrema. "The Inside Game" has the two describing basketball plays over a hip-hop beat, while "On My Mind" features a Top 40-sounding female vocalist, techno beats, and Hagerty occasionally chiming in with phrases like "Richard Petty is still the king." Enough said?

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