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ANYONE REMEMBER SUZY Homewrecker? The 29-year-old punk drummer and former Tucsonan (known to some as Suzy Owens) has turned up in the year 2000 with the Cramps-inspired psychobilly-cum-punk combo the Masons, who've been wreaking havoc across Europe during the past year. Now based in L.A. via Lawrence, Kansas, the Masons produce a sound that is one part Lux Interior on echo distortion, one part Sonics on frat stomp overdrive and two parts the Misfits-meet-Elvis from hell: a growling, nightmarish spook show where rockabilly and hardcore collide head-on with fantastic results. A feedback-driven homage to Presley's "Girls Girls Girls" could resurrect the King from his eternal resting-place. "Bombshell" with its thick, wall-of-distortion soul-punk clamor is eerily reminiscent of a street-punk version of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion plundering the sanctified tomb of Jayne Mansfield. "Crash My Car" is Danzig fronting a metal-deranged translation of the Ramones. A rambunctious rocket-fueled take on the oft-covered "The Witch" by the Sonics pulverizes like stoner rock gods Fu Manchu playing at warp speed.

Throughout, Homewrecker pounds the skins with the speed-driven ferocity of Dave Lombardo from Slayer fused with the sledgehammer heaviness of the Stooges' Scott "Rock Action" Asheton. She's that impressive, and no overnight sensation either, having paid her dues on the early '90s SoCal punk scene handling drum duties for U.X.A., Rejected Motherfuckers and Total Chaos. As part of the Masons, her thunderous drum banging keeps the immaculately precise beat as sure-footed and steady as any of her male counterparts. Can't wait for her live return to the Naked Pueblo.

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