Mr. Quintron

These Hands of Mine (Skin Graft)
The Amazing Spellcaster (Bulb)


NEW ORLEANS-BASED organist Quintron and his lovely companion Miss Pancea Pussycat (who lends her percussion and vocal talents to the otherwise one-man band performance -- she also mounts a mean puppet show) make dance music, but not necessarily the kind you'll encounter out at a desert rave or at a booty-shaking disco bash. These Hands of Mine has a kind of low-rent R&B vibe that slowly grows on the listener until your hips start twitching like an Elvis zombie gettin' it on at the Voodoo Lounge. In fact, one song here, "Dungeon Master," has a monstrous groove -- Quintron's Hammond D organ chugs and gulps nonstop while canned drums lend rhythmic assistance and Miss Pussycat courts call-and-response with Mister Microphone in a mock-gospel litany of nonsequitural looniness. And wait'll you hear "Wild Indians," an orgy of war-whoops, freaky scratching, samples of bombs going off, Booker T keyboard riffs and Quintron's Lux Interior vocal gurglings.

The Amazing Spellcaster is a CD reissue/remaster of a rare limited edition '95 LP. At one point it was conceived simply as a soundtrack to the puppet show, but as Quintron's star has risen over the years (he earned his reputation amid the iconoclastic Chicago indie scene before relocating to New Orleans), the record's manic blend of lo-fi exotica and bluesy atmospheres also gained a bit of legendariness, too. Post-mortem pick to, ah, click: "Rockin' Cha," that dance tune you were humming last night while having the nightmare about evil little men chasing you with sharp sticks. -- Fred Mills

Mr. Quintron performs Friday, November 5, at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St. Call the club at 622-8848 for details.
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