Reasons to Smile

Regular readers of this space (Hi, Mom!) know that the ignoramuses who complain about how negative "the media" is annoy the living heck out of me.

But as far as this issue of the Tucson Weekly goes ... man, I have to concede that it's kind of depressing. (Not that there aren't little uplifting nuggets of joy spread throughout, too.) I mean, our Currents section consists of the following stories: a look at a controversial local cat shelter that used to be no-kill but, sadly, is not anymore; an interview with a local expert who discusses how FUBAR our economy is; a story about a gay bar getting hassled by The Man (or, in this particular case, The Woman); and a look at how much slicing and dicing needs to be done to the city budget.

And don't even get me started on how wrist-cuttingly depressing Media Watch and this week's Guest Commentary both are.

Therefore, I thought I'd take this space to mention some positive things:

• While things suck for newspapers right now, they aren't as, well, sucky as some are making them out to be. Much has been written about the fact that the Tribune Company is in bankruptcy and that Lee Enterprises, the Arizona Daily Star's parent company, may be about to join Tribune there. However, that doesn't mean the individual newspapers themselves are losing money; as a matter of fact, I am pretty sure most papers held by these companies are firmly in the black (at least for now). It does mean that the bonerhead managers of these companies got themselves too far into debt to get out.

• We have only two weeks--or less--left in 2008.

• We have only 33 days--or less--left of George W. Bush as president.

And those are things we can certainly be happy about.

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