Band/Musician of the Year: The Wyatts

   Runners up: Cosmic Slop, Namoli Brennet

Up and Coming Artist(s) of the Year: Cosmic Slop

   Runners up: Namoli Brennet, Amber Norgaard, Anna Warr

Best New Release: The Sacred Spud, Kathleen Williamson

   Runners up: Chrysanthemum, Namoli Brennet; Fortune Favors the Bold, Ph8; String Theory, The Determined Luddites


A Cappella/Vocal Ensemble: Desert Voices

   Runner up: Catacoustic Groove

Blues: Tom Walbank and the Ambassadors

   Runners up: Bad News Blues Band, Anna Warr

Bluegrass: Titan Valley Warheads

   Runners up: Crystal Ridge, String Figures

Country/Western: The Wyatts

   Runners up: Jadi Norris Overdrive, Al Perry

Cover Band: Shell Shock

   Runners up: Too Much Information, Mockingbirds, Midlife Crisis

Electronic: Music Video

   Runner up: Electroshockbox

Folk: Kathleen Williamson

   Runners up: Namoli Brennet, The Determined Luddites

Funk/Hip-Hop/Soul: Cosmic Slop

   Runners up: H-Roc, Neon Prophet Jazz,

Contemporary/Traditional: Misbehavin'

   Runners up: Ed Delucia Trio, Lisa Otey Trio

Jazz, Latin/Salsa: Tesoro

   Runners up: Descarga, Chango Malo

Mariachi: Luz de Luna

   Runner up: El Mariachi Nuevo

Punk: Knockout Pills

   Runners up: Sophistifucks, Mercury's Revenge

Reggae/Ska: Neon Prophet

   Runner up: Troy's Bucket

Rock, Indie: The Wyatts

   Runner up: Bombs for the Bored, Sunday Afternoon

Rock, Mainstream: Ph8

   Runners up: The Wyatts, Ryanhood, Mercury's Revenge

Roots Rock/Rockabilly: The Wyatts

   Runners up: The Rowdies, Al Foul and the Shakes

Lounge: Susan Artemis

Traditional/Ethnic: Round the House

   Runner up: Molehill Orkestrah


Female Vocalist: Namoli Brennet

   Runners up: Anna Warr, Kathleen Williamson

Male Vocalist: Roscoe Wyatt (The Wyatts)

Songwriter: Kathleen Williamson

   Runners up: Roscoe Wyatt (The Wyatts), Namoli Brennet, Noah Gabbard (Bombs for the Bored)

Electric Guitar: Boudreaux Wyatt (The Wyatts)

   Runners up: Steve Shell (Shell Shock), Ed Delucia

Acoustic Guitar: Namoli Brennet

   Runners up: Tom Carpenter (Crystal Ridge), Mark Robertson-Tessi (The String Figures, Round the House)

Bass: Joe Wyatt (The Wyatts)

   Runners up: Rich Nordenberg, John Amato (Shell Shock)

Drums: Jimbo Wyatt (The Wyatts)

   Runners up: Chip Ritter (Bad News Blues Band), Charlie Martin (Shell Shock)

Keyboards: Lisa Otey

   Runner up: Arthur Migliazza

Horn Player: Carla Brownlee

   Runners up: Mike Kuhn, Jacob Valenzuela (Calexico)

String Player: Mark Robertson-Tessi (The String Figures, Round the House)

   Runners up: Heather Hardy, Dave Firestine (Round the House)


Band Web Site: Shell Shock,

   Runners up: Cosmic Slop,; The Wyatts,

Local Music Web Site:

   Runner up:

Producer/Engineer: Craig Schumacher

   Runners up: Jim Pavett, Duncan Stitt


Pedal Steel: Hal Rugg
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