Ranting and Raving

Welcome to this week's Tucson Weekly. We're doing something a little different this week: our first-ever Rant Issue.

Regular readers of The Weekly may be wondering what in the world I am talking about. With The Skinny, James DiGiovanna, Tom Danehy, Connie Tuttle and others, we rant all the time.

That's true. But many of the rest of us, who focus on reporting or editing or calendar listings, don't usually get to rant. But this week, we do.

Full disclosure: This isn't an original concept. I stole this idea from another alternative newspaper, the Pittsburgh City Paper, when I was toiling for another alternative newspaper, the Reno News & Review. In terms of letters to the editor, it was the most popular issue I ever saw.

Some of the rants, like mine, tend to be funny (at least, I hope it's funny). Others, like Joan Schuman's on rodeo cruelty, are dead serious, and are bound to upset some people (including many rodeo-participant members of my family).

In any case, I hope you enjoy the issue, and I'd like to offer any readers who want to respond to these rants--with agreements, disagreements or somewhere in between--to write us. Also, if you have a rant of your own, feel free to send it in, too. We'll run as many responses and reader rants as space permits.

And on an unrelated subject, be sure to pick up next week's issue. We'll be launching a couple of new features and doing some minor tweaks to our look. Nothing major; just some stuff to freshen things a bit. And as always, we hope you enjoy.


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