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You have questions for those of us toiling away at Weekly World Central? Well, gosh darn it, we have answers!

· I went to a restaurant that the Weekly reviewed positively, and the food tasted like pigeon vomit. What in the hell was the Weekly thinking?

Our restaurant reviews are generally based on two visits to said restaurant--sometimes, only one visit. Plus, restaurants have bad days; they can also become better or worse over time (due to management changes, a chef leaving, etc.). Also, people have different tastes and ideas of what makes certain food good. Therefore, any restaurant review, in any publication, in any city, should be taken with a grain of salt, no pun intended.

Based on what we hear from our readers, people seem to agree with our reviews far more than the reviews in other newspapers across town, because we do restaurant reviews right: We're honest; we wait at least three months to review new restaurants, so management can work out the kinks; and we don't care whether a restaurant advertises or not.

· I know of a great restaurant that deserves more business. How do I get the Weekly to review the place?

Send me an e-mail, and we'll throw it on our lengthy list of potential reviewees. No promises, but chances are, we'll eventually get around to reviewing that restaurant. Also, if you're unsure whether we've reviewed a certain restaurant, feel free to check our archives at

· A Weekly rack is always empty when I see it. And I know of a place where the Weekly should be distributed, but it's not. What should I do?

Contact me here at Weekly World Central, or contact Laura Horvath, our circulation manager, at We appreciate your help!

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