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There is an article/Best of TucsonTM blurb/whatever in your Web site's deep archives that has something in it that's since changed, that I don't like, or that I don't want out there. Would you change or remove that article/blurb/whatever?

We've been getting this question quite a bit lately, and here's the answer: No, we won't. (The only exception we'd make is if some fairly recent content had a blatant factual error.) Our archives are, well, our archives, and they've been out there, for all the world to see, since they were initially posted.

Also, there's no way we can update all of our old archival content regarding things that have changed (i.e., if a business has moved, etc.), nor would we want to. And if something keeps coming up about you in a Google search that you'd prefer didn't come up from an old Weekly article ... well, I am sorry, but just like it remains in all the print versions of old issues, it shall remain online.

Do you accept freelance submissions?

Yes, by all means. Always and forever. But remember that you're competing for space against some of our amazingly talented writers. For example, if you want to write movie reviews, you'd better prove that you're better than James DiGiovanna and Bob Grimm. I wish you luck.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, we try to have one to three interns per semester. If you're interested, and you can get credit for the internship through a legit school, send me a cover letter, résumé and writing samples.

I have another question. Please answer it!

Sure. Just e-mail me!

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