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· How is it fair that Lynndie England is looking at 11 years in prison, but Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the chain of command are not getting punished at all for the Abu Ghraib debacle? Life sometimes isn't fair, and power corrupts. Privates in the military have no power.

· What if I want to vote in the Best of TucsonTM or TAMMIES, but I don't want to give my name, mailing address and an e-mail address or phone number? You're out of luck. We need names to verify real people are sending in ballots. We aren't giving out the names or adding you to any lists, so calm down your bad selves and get over your fears. If you already sent in a ballot without this information, it isn't being counted. The same goes for ballots we received without 20 categories filled in.

· What if I am reading the Weekly and I find a grammatical error? Should I pick up the phone and call you right away? Only if you feel an extreme need, i.e., the voices in your head won't shut up until you make the call.

· Who is hotter: Tom Danehy or Ann Coulter? Danehy, for sure. Unless you have an aversion to sweatpants.

· Is Jim Nintzel really a metrosexual? If The New York Times says it's so, it must be so.

· Do people ever ask you questions like this, or are you just making stuff up? Trust me, I wish I was just making (most of) this up.

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