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Q&A with Rachel Sharp

Rachel Sharp runs Tucson's Micro-Cinema, a group that gathers monthly to screen the work of local independent filmmakers. Sharp is also a filmmaker in her own right, as well as a teacher at Amphi Middle School.

What's the best movie of all time?

It's called The Sea of Grass, OK? First of all, it's Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, and it's weird--the first time I saw it, it was one of those late-night, AMC movie times, and I'm watching it and thinking, "What in the world is this about?" I'm a Westerns freak, first of all, and it's a drama, and the thing about it is it's about a subject I would not expect them to be talking about back then. It was made in 1947, when Spencer and Katharine were young, and they get married, and he takes her off to the frontier, and he talks about this sea of grass, OK, and that's his farm. Well, the wife goes off and has an affair, and has a child, and gets ostracized from the community, but it's not done grossly. It was done with absolute taste; and I mean, think about it--it's 1947. ... It's so special. Just great acting; absolutely outstanding acting.

What movie most reminds you of Tucson?

Oh, what's that movie with Kevin Costner? Wyatt Earp. It wasn't really shot here, but in the area. Any Western, really, reminds me of Tucson.

Who's your favorite movie personality?

Clint Eastwood. ... He's been around since dirt. And he shows his skills--he was young and raw on Rawhide, then he got better. He knew when to quit as an actor, and made some movies that weren't status-quo movies, like In the Garden of Good and Evil, and Mystic River--oh my God, that was a wonderful movie.

What's your favorite movie snack?

Chocolate-covered raisins, because when I was a kid, they were too expensive, so now that I'm older, I buy them whenever I want.

Any embarrassing cinematic experiences in your life?

No, but bad experiences. You know when they used to give out all those free tickets for premieres? I went to one, and we got there really, really, really early, and--I won't say who was putting it on--but there were only like 30 seats left, because they'd let in all their friends.

Best tourist attraction?

Old Tucson.

Favorite gym?


Best public garden?

Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Best upscale dining?

Keys Restaurant.

Best grocery store?

Trader Joe's and Aqua Vita.