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Welcome to this week's Tucson Weekly, starring another in our series of Cover Stories That Will Piss Off Some People.

On Oct. 27, rabid close-the-border right-wingers had a snit over Margaret Regan's "Marta's Story," because it told the tale of some border-crossers in a slightly sympathetic light. Last week, we peeved some of the open-the-border folks, because they get peeved any time Leo W. Banks writes a border-related story.

So, this week, it's the War on Drugs groupies who get to be pissed.

Renée Downing's been working on "Marijuana World" for quite some time; heck, she even wrote about some of her unsuccessful, albeit interesting, early research efforts back in July. The story morphed a bit as she worked on it, but the end result is impressive: It's a look at the marijuana culture here in Tucson, and the efforts by some to get it legalized. Check it out.

And if you are, in fact, one of the folks pissed about the story--or if you like the story, or if you just have something to say--as always, my cyberdoor is always open. Drop me an e-mail.

Up next week (if the schedule holds): a UA men's basketball season preview/look back, of sorts. Of course, since Tom Danehy's writing it, I am sure that it will piss some people off, too.

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