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Mayor, City Council members show us the money.

Those who are paid to govern Tucson include the well-off and struggling, investors and pension-builders, landlords and renters, financial disclosures show.

Mayor Bob Walkup, a first-term Republican, relies on his retirement income from Hughes Aircraft, now Raytheon, where he was an engineer and executive. He also draws retirement from Rockwell International, where he also was an engineer.

No longer is Walkup in the software business, Winning Pathways, he had in 1999 during his first run for political office. Walkup split the time of his staff and Winning Paths' leased space that year between his private enterprise and his successful campaign, paying staff for political work during their split-duty days out of taxpayer-supported city matching funds tapped by qualifying candidates.

Walkup, whose mayoral pay is $42,000, lists no other investments. Unlike his Democratic predecessor George Miller, he does not invest where he now works. Miller was a steady buyer of Tucson bonds, both for city construction and lease-back schemes. Walkup listed one loan of up to $25,000 that he provided International Systems Solutions.

Disclosures, required each year on Jan. 31 for politicians in paid office, set broad categories for loans and investments in three categories: $1,000 to $25,000; more than $25,000 to $100,000 and more than $100,000.

They do not require disclosure of residential real estate. Walkup and his wife, Beth, live in a Starr Pass home valued by the Pima County Assessor's Office for tax purposes at $164,633.

Beth Walkup, according to the disclosure, has a separate property on East Regency Circle. Purchased for $92,000 in 1992, the townhouse is on the tax rolls for $104,827, according to records in the Assessor's Office.

Walkup also reported that his wife is a business consultant, working out of the couple's home, but lists no city business license for that activity.

City Councilman Steve Leal, a Democrat who has begun his fourth term in South Side Ward 5, is active in real estate. And he is both landlord and renter.

Leal lists his address as an East Irvington Road apartment complex. He lists an equity interest in that property at not more than $25,000. In addition to his $24,000 annual council salary, Leal also is paid $35,370 a year for his job as an administrator at the Pima County jail.

Leal lists three loans, each greater than $10,000, from National Bank of the City of Industry, Calif., Wells Fargo of Phoenix and Bank of America in Tucson.

Properties, both of which Leal listed as worth $25,000 or less, are at 48 W. Fourth St. and 740 N. Main.

The Assessor's Office lists Leal as owner of four properties, including rental property at 48 W. Fourth that is valued at $73,490 and 738 N. 12th St. valued at $75,000. A residence on East Eastland, listed at the Assessor's Office under Leal and his wife Susan, is on the tax rolls for $64,000.

Fred Ronstadt, a Republican who has started his second term in Midtown Ward 6, lists a job at Compass Bank in addition to the council. His wife, Pamela, architect of his initial victory, is the sole proprietor of Pillar Consulting, a political consulting and fund-raising organization, and a partner in Two Kopellia, a catering business. She also is listed as campaign manager for the 2002 re-election campaign for U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz.

Ronstadt lists one outstanding loan, to the USA Group, that is up to $25,000 and was incurred in 1992.

He also reports his position as president and his wife's role as secretary for In Stages, Inc., a not-for-profit educational venture. The Arizona Corporation Commission lists In Stages as being delinquent, as of Oct. 15, 2001, in its annual report. Administrative dissolution is pending, according to the Corporation Commission file.

Ronstadt's East Second Street home is valued for tax purposes at $70,774.

Kathleen Dunbar, a Republican who began her first term in North Side Ward 3 in December, reported no income outside her City Council job. She listed a fiduciary position as a member of the board of KUAT, the public television station operated by the University of Arizona.

Her husband, Dick, owns Select Mortgage. It has tapped $2,200 for a $100,000 line of credit from Compass Bank, according to the disclosure.

The couple lives on North Jackson Street in a home purchased in 1997 for $119,000 and that is valued for tax purposes at $97,877.

Vice Mayor Carol West, a first-term Democrat in East Side Ward 2, is likely the wealthiest member of City Council. Her husband Neil is a successful medical consultant whose business is Millennium Medicine. He also worked for Schaller-Anderson Inc., a Phoenix-based health care company that was given high marks for its management of the county's Kino Community Hospital from 1989 to 1993.

Carol West also listed North Dakota farm income from Agland, Well Co.

The couple has IRAs, stock and deferred compensation in five categories ranging in value from up to $25,000 to more than $100,000.

The Wests' East Waverly Street home is valued by the Assessor's Office at $120,320.

Shirley Scott, a Democrat who already has created a committee to seek a third term for the 2003 election, is the vice president and secretary for Scott Supply Service, Inc. Scott Industrial Supply Co., headed by her husband Joe, does business as Scott Supply Service and has sold bulk fasteners to the city, which is noted on Scott's financial disclosure.

They each have stock in that business that is listed as worth up to $25,000. And the disclosure lists IRAs with Merrill Lynch and Prudential Bache, both valued at up to $25,000.

The Scotts' business property is valued for tax purposes at $117,500. Their home on East Lurlene is valued at $89,625 by the Assessor's Office.

Jose Ibarra, a second-term Democrat in West Side Ward 1, is out of the public relations partnership he created with Francisco Romero, the Telemundo sportscaster and Spanish-language baseball announcer. The business lasted a little more than a year.

Ibarra and his wife, a registered nurse at University Medical Center, live in a North Ironwood Ridge Drive condo they rent, according to the Assessor's Office, from Duane and Antonia Schlect. The property is valued at $60,985.

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