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iLava Cartridge-500 mg Sour Diesel

Releaf Brand Concentrates

500 mg Girl Scout Cookie

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center 8060 E. 22nd St.

Full disclosure: This concentrate does not not taste like any Girl Scout cookie we've ever eaten (but in fairness, neither does the weed its derived from). That aside, we found it to be very fine medicine with an aromatic flavor. It went straight to our head with solid uplift and made us chatty while still leaving us energetic.

Earth Extracts

Blue Dream Shatter

Earth's Healing 78 W. River Road; 2017 E. Benson Highway

The downside of shatter is that it can be messy and sticky, depending on the delivery method of your medication. But here's the upside: You can get a hefty dose of medication that will most definitely relieve whatever pain or discomfort you are feeling. Earth's Healing house brand, Earth Extracts, is easier to handle than many shatter brands we've experimented with and most definitely delivers relief from whatever ails you with a heady experience that will remind you of the power of the plant.

iLava Cartridge

500 mg Sour Diesel

Downtown Dispensary/D2 Dispensary 221 E. Sixth St. #105; 7105 E. 22nd St.

The house brand of the Downtown Dispensary and its sister operation eastside D2, iLava delivers pure relaxation with its 500 mg sour diesel cartridge. It hits well and doesn't wiggle or shift like some cartridges we've worked with in the past. This strain is packed with a light, piney-and-citrus taste that doesn't overwhelm the palate but still reminds you that you're enjoying some strong medication. The strong effect is for relieving anxiety, improving focus and finding your creative energy. Definitely a daytime smoke.

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