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Boasting one of the most diverse selections of MMJ products in Tucson at reasonable prices, The Prime Leaf makes sure its customers leave happy and feeling hooked-up

Strains: Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains aplenty. The Prime Leaf sells bulk flower starting by the gram and is always rotating their selection to the best available product produced by Arizona growers. The dispensary also sells prepackaged flower and pre-rolls in all sorts of strains and deals. Those on a budget shouldn't miss out on the Friday $75 half-ounce (14g) flower prepack deal.

Concentrates & Extracts: Rule No.1 about using concentrates and extracts is knowing your dose. I had received a small amount of shatter a few 4/20s ago as a promotional item with my order and applied a touch to the top of some flower. For the next four to five hours I was on the moon chillin' with Buzz Aldrin and distinctly remember giving Yuri Gagarin a high-five on my way back to the stratosphere. Good times for 4/20, but it could have been a mistake if I had anything important to do that day.

Anyway, The Prime Leaf sells numerous concentrates in cartridges by companies such as Canamo, Timeless, Pura Earth, item Nine Labs and KIND, as well as extracts in all sorts of strains to help with what ails you. Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days for deals concentrate and extracts. Honestly, paying $100 for 8 grams of Venom Shatter on Mondays is a much cheaper way to touch the stars than procuring a seat on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket.

Edibles: The same rule above applies to edibles. Should you develop a sweet tooth after partaking and devour the Aunt Ellie's Super Mega Brownie you just purchased—loaded with 225 mg of Indica or Sativa—in one sitting...well, I hope you're not busy for the next day or so.

The Prime Leaf has a whole menu of medicated edibles ranging from sweets like brownies, cookies, chocolate bars or gummies, to medicated popcorn, medicated beverages, and even pill capsules that come in 10 mg, 25 mg, and 100 mg doses. Talk to their budtenders about your edible needs and they should be able to help find the right product at the right dosage.

Specials: The Prime Leaf's daily specials are hard to beat. For instance, they'll take 20 percent off your edibles, topicals or concentrate orders on Sundays and Tuesdays. Prerolls are also "buy one, get one free" on Tuesdays. Mondays have several great specials on Venom Shatter and Pura Earth cartridges, or you can take 15 percent off your entire order just for shopping there. Thursdays are 20 percent off bulk flower. Fridays are $30 eights or $75 half-ounce prepacks. Finally, all Huxton products are 30 percent off on Fridays.

On a regular basis, The Prime Leaf takes 15 percent off of your order if placed before 11 a.m. on weekdays and/or if you place your order by phone any time of day. If you refer someone to the dispensary, they'll take 20 percent off your next order. Veterans and ADA patients will receive 20 percent off their entire order and MMJ card-carrying students get a 10 percent discount just for being a customer.

The Prime Leaf also makes your dollar go further by taking $10 off every $250 or $25 off every $500 a customer spends there over time. In addition, the dispensary usually has vendor specials on certain products periodically.

Beat the Line: The Prime Leaf encourages phone orders, especially during the current pandemic, in an effort to help maintain low crowds at the dispensary while expediting orders. Place your order by phone for pick up and The Prime Leaf will gladly apply a 15 percent discount to your entire order for helping out. Give them a call at 520-477-7463.

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