Primary Whining

There is a lot of sniveling going on in Arizona these days.

I've heard quite a few people complaining about the presidential primary, and what that's been bringing to the Grand Canyon State--namely, a ton of campaign advertising, via both mail and television.

Admittedly, these ads can get annoying. There are some TV-watching evenings when I think that if I hear the phrase, "I'm (a middle-aged Democratic guy), and I've approved this message," one more time, I'll snap.

But you know what? Ads aren't the only things the presidential primary's brought to Arizona. The primary has also brought candidates. And that's something wonderful.

In many other states, where they don't have early primaries or caucuses, presidential candidates are few and far between. It's a real blessing for the residents of states like Iowa, New Hampshire and Arizona to actually get to meet the potential future leader of the free world.

To all of you whining about all the ads: Shut up and appreciate the attention you're getting, and the chances you're getting to meet these presidential candidates. It could be worse: You could be getting ignored.

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