‘Pride’ shines through Stephen Lind’s music

click to enlarge ‘Pride’ shines through Stephen Lind’s music
Stephen Lind graduated from Sahuaro High School but now makes music in Glendale, California. He performed at this year's Tucson pride. (Submitted)

Stephen Lind’s first experience with Tucson Pride was as an 18-year-old Sahuaro High School graduate.

“It’s such an eclectic group of people,” he said. “It’s a huge umbrella of different humans. Those are really fun events.

“We’re free to be ourselves. You get to see people who they really are. Everyone is comfortable and loved. I think, for me, it was a relief. At Pride, you just exist. It’s a nice breath of fresh air.”

Now living in Glendale, California, Lind performed at this year’s Tucson Pride, and it gave him the injection of confidence he needed to pull forward. He and a creative director are revamping his live show in anticipation of the release of Lind’s new record.

In the meantime, he’s supporting his new single “Nosebleeds.” The track is a cocky anthem — the musical love child of Ashley Simpson and Britney Spears — that plays into the ego stroking one does after a falling out with a “friend.”

“She was someone I’ve known since I was little,” he said. “We had the most tumultuous relationship. We’re essentially the same person. It was volatile.”

The song is about manifesting the snarky comments she put in Lind’s head: “You’re a piece of garbage,” for example.

The end of the relationship was depressing, sure, but, Lind said, the repetitive behavior wore on him. But Lind admitted he’s not totally innocent.

“She and I played into each other. It got to a point where it was such a nasty relationship that we just wished each other well.”

Since he was 14, Lind has worked as a graphic designer — a way of creating art with his and his parents’ limited budget.

He parlayed that into a business making fan sites for female entertainers like Jessica Biel. Eventually, he teamed with production companies to create promotional materials for Biel’s films.

Lind finally admitted to himself that that wasn’t the only outlet for him. He hooked up with fellow Sahuaro graduate, Taylor Sparks, who began writing and recording together.

“We didn’t know each other in school,” he said. “We knew of each other, but now he and I make really fun pop music. When I’m listening to a pop record, I don’t like it to be one solid sound. I like the vibe to change. That’s what I’m going for.”

In the fall 2022, his EP, “Lovers’ Roulette,” hit streaming services accompanied by a film inspired by “Blade,” “Interview with a Vampire” and “The Tall Man.”

“I love music and film,” he said. “They’re different creative outlets. I work mostly with horror movies. I love that world. It’s my favorite genre.”

He’s continuing to blend both artforms on the record he’s making now.

“My music is still really poppy,” he said. “I’d align it with Kim Petras — ironic pop and super LGBTQ focused. It’s got that light pop feel, and all the imagery ends up being horror inspired. I love it.”

Stephen Lind