Positively Packed

I spent last weekend in Los Angeles at a self-improvement seminar (long story). Anyway, one of the speakers--a renowned positive-thinking guru--at one point went off on a tirade about how negative and awful "the media" is. His not-so-positive rant went on for several minutes, and when he was finished, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

I stayed seated, most certainly not applauding.

It's completely and utterly ignorant to complain that "the media" is negative and awful. Yes, there are many media outlets--much of what is on cable news channels comes to mind--that are indeed negative and awful. Some newspapers are guilty of sensationalism and an emphasis on the negative, too.

But not all of them. Not even close.

Take the Tucson Weekly. The majority of our editorial space is dedicated to cultural coverage--theater, dining, music, dance, visual arts, books, and on and on--and this coverage, even when critical, is positive by its very nature. We're building community and championing culture, after all.

Our news coverage is also far from negative, as a general rule. This week's paper, for example, alerts our readers to shenanigans involving the proposed Rosemont Ranch mine; an odd regulation limiting applicants to a program that certifies much-needed teachers; a conflict between free speech and commerce; and our Project White House contest. How is any of this coverage--all of which could lead to positive, constructive change and dialogue in our community--even remotely negative?

Remember all of this the next time someone takes out their overly broad brush and paints "the media" as overly negative.