Political coverage is one of our specialties, especially in election years such as this one, with competitive state and local races and a slew of controversial propositions on the ballot.

Jim Nintzel, our senior writer, is our chief political correspondent. It's his job to separate the wheat from the chaff among candidates in the big races, like Congressional District 7 or the governor's race. It's a tough job (riding around all day, for example, with goob hopeful Matt Salmon), but somebody's gotta do it.

Nintzel is a native of New Jersey (home of Sen. Robert "The Torch" Torricelli) but he's been covering our cowpoke politics for a decade. (He first joined The Weekly in 1989).

Dave Devine, longtime local activist who's been contributing to us since the mid-'90s, is covering other statewide races, non-gaming propositions and local school boards this go-round.

Chris Limberis, a former newshound at the morning daily who joined us more than five years ago, shines his light in the dark corners that frame county elections.

These three write the Feature and Currents stories and stir the pot in The Skinny to keep you informed about who's doing what--and to whom and for whom--in this great democracy of ours.

We give you the straight dope. All you gotta do is vote.

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