Political Push

Early primary-election voting is underway as of July 29—and that means the Tucson Weekly's political push is also underway.

This week's issue includes our endorsements in contested races of importance to Southern Arizona; check them out here (unless you're afraid of zombies).

A good chunk of our Currents section this week is also dedicated to political previews and other election coverage. Expect that to continue not only through the Aug. 24 primary Election Day; you can count on hefty political coverage all the way through the Nov. 2 general election and beyond.

Of course, in this modern age, our political coverage goes well beyond the stuff we throw into the print version. Be sure to check The Range, our daily dispatch, at blog.TucsonWeekly.com, for breaking news, insightful analysis and links to compelling coverage elsewhere on the Internet. You'll also find some ... well, unusual stuff being put together by our web producer, Nick Smith, that is exclusive to TucsonWeekly.com. (For more on that, check out the Weekly Wide Web on Page 15).

Finally, we encourage you all to join the conversation and offer your own analysis and comments at TucsonWeekly.com, as well as our social-networking sites. If you've been (understandably) turned off by the trolls, racists and name-callers who lurk in the comments sections of other newspaper websites—like, say, the Arizona Daily Star's site—I encourage you to check out TucsonWeekly.com, where such losers are not welcome.

As always, thanks for reading.

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