Political Insanity

So here's the situation in Southern Arizona.

The Arizona Legislature approves, and Gov. Jan Brewer signs into law, Senate Bill 1070, which was primarily pushed by state Sen. Russell Pearce, who is a racist (or at least someone comfortable with throwing terms like "wetback" around).

This all happened even though SB 1070 is blatantly unconstitutional (equal protection, due process, etc.) and may just cause an entire segment of Arizonans (the "not white" segment) to fear having anything to do with law enforcement, ever.

Then Congressman Raúl Grijalva came along and encouraged an economic boycott of Arizona, even though 1) he represents Arizona, whether he likes it or not (and at times, we can understand why he might not like it), 2) such a boycott would harm a whole lot of people who are opposed to SB 1070, and 3) there is no good that could possibly come from Grijalva calling for a boycott.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon—one of those all-too-rare Maricopa County Democrats—raised holy hell while criticizing SB 1070. He wrote a piece for The Washington Post that concluded:

The Arizona I've known since moving here from Chicago as a boy is the birthplace of César Chávez; it's a free-thinking, hospitable state capable of balancing great natural beauty and cultures of all sorts. This place we've heard about lately, the Arizona willing to risk economic boycotts and international ridicule in the pursuit of an ugly, discriminatory law? I don't recognize it.

But I do recognize those responsible for this humiliating moment. They are bitter, small-minded and full of hate, and they in no way speak for Arizona.

Amen, brother.

What did Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup do? His office sent out a statement saying, basically, that the law won't take effect until 90 days after the session. He said nothing about opposing or supporting the bill.


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