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UA Area May 2, 7:40 p.m.

A young University of Arizona student infatuated with his professor was not afraid to tell her about it—despite her express displeasure—over and over (and over), according to a UA Police Department report.

The professor told a UA officer she'd received a total of 12 emails from a male student (apparently an undergrad) in her Hebrew class. At first, she said, the emails weren't too disturbing, discussing things like "how much fun it was to be in her class." But soon they entered problematic territory, she said—in one subsequent email, he declared he had "a huge crush on the teacher" but he knew she was "way out of (his) league!"

After the student had written the professor five times, she wrote back to him saying he shouldn't email her anymore because his messages had become inappropriate.

The student then reportedly agreed to stop—but his absence from her inbox only lasted a week, followed by a flurry of seven more emails that she couldn't describe as dirty... but which were disturbingly flirty.

After yet another message from him raving about his "crush" on her, the woman said, she reported his conduct to the dean of students, as well as enlisting the help of the head of Judaic Studies, who emailed the subject twice demanding he stop his antics.

But the lovestruck young Hebrew pupil couldn't be dissuaded. His most recent communication, the victim reported, consisted of two separate emails (sent around the same time) that not only mentioned his romantic feelings for her, but also each included a music-file attachment. The teacher had no idea what the songs were, or their exact meaning, but presumably the student thought they'd help express his emotions more fully to his love interest (and/or finally stir some feelings in her). At that point, the teacher said, she wrote him that he was no longer allowed to attend her class.

The reporting officer called the young man but couldn't reach him—his phone rang 20 times with no answer, nor a voicemail prompt. The officer promised the teacher that another officer would be present at her next Hebrew class to remove the student if he showed up. At the time of the report, the teacher didn't want to file charges against the student, but she did take information on filing a restraining order or injunction against harassment in case he continued to persecute her.

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