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Snoring Scandinavian in His Skivvies

UA Area

April 15, 8:09 a.m.

A University of Arizona student studying abroad was found fast asleep and nearly nude in his dorm's lobby, said a UA Police Department report.

A UA officer was dispatched to check the welfare of the young man, who'd reportedly been in a heavy slumber for nearly half an hour in the common room of Colonia de la Paz, 602 N. Highland Ave., and nobody could awake him.

When the officer arrived, he indeed found "a white male wearing red underwear" lying on a couch in the lobby and snoring quite loudly.

The officer tried to wake him several times to no avail—until he finally administered "a light sternum rub" and the student suddenly sat up. He said he was 20 years old, from Norway, and he had a room in that dorm—but he'd been arguing with his roommate, so he'd decided to sleep elsewhere. He seemed surprised to find himself wearing only his underwear.

He had red, watery eyes and smelled like booze—and readily admitted he'd drunk too much alcohol the night before.

The student said he'd like to participate in the school's diversion program for underage drinking and was allowed to go back to bed.

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