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No Strangers to Stranger Danger

No Strangers to Stranger Danger

Rincon Beat

Feb. 15, 4:35 p.m.

Two kids were scared but prepared when they became targets of an unfunny gag pulled by creepy teenagers spoofing creepy adults, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies met up with a mother who told them that after school that day, her little boy and little girl—apparently in elementary school—had just walked home and reported seeing a silver pickup truck parked near their neighborhood bus stop. Her children said when they passed the truck on their walk home, some teenagers inside it had yelled, "Hey, kids, do you want some candy?" (presumably mimicking clichéd child predators).

The mother said she accompanied her children to the spot they'd described and saw the truck still there, containing four teenagers who in general "were belligerent and defiant towards her" and denied talking to her kids; some of them used obscenities.

She said the truck's driver, however—a tall, long-haired young man wearing large gauged rhinestone earrings—was far more polite than his companions, admitting they'd indeed yelled at her kids and apologetically telling her "it was a joke and no harm was meant." (The mother said he obviously didn't want her to call the cops.)

Her little boy told deputies "he was afraid (of the teens) because he knows he is not supposed to accept offers from strangers," but he and his sister had been told that "if a stranger asks if they want candy, they are to avoid them, and he did so."

Deputies hadn't located all four teens at the time of the report, but they were able to track down the truck driver's parents (via a license-plate number) and informed them of the puerile—and punishable—prank played by their son and his friends.

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