Police Dispatch

The Worst-laid Plan

Foothills Area

Feb. 6, 4:03 p.m.

Someone trying to terrify a local mother apparently didn't do any background research, and thus ended up looking just plain dumb—and his "scheme" pretty laughable, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The mother relayed the incident to a sheriff's deputy by phone, reporting that an unknown male had called her that day saying he'd kidnapped her daughter.

The woman in fact had two daughters, both of whom were apparently young adults (they were at least old enough to have cell phones and spend substantial amounts of time away from the mother).

Perhaps the caller didn't deliver his lines right in his initial call, or perhaps the mother knew her daughters well enough to doubt they'd be easily kidnapped; in any case, she said, she'd thought the call was a hoax from the very start, hanging up on the man without giving him any personal information.

Just to be sure her daughters were OK, though, all she'd had to do was call them to discover that indeed, neither were kidnapped.

The self-proclaimed "kidnapper" didn't give up easily—he reportedly called the mother twice more after she'd first hung up on him—but she didn't answer (presumably having seen his number on her caller ID).

She didn't seem upset when talking to the reporting deputy—just wanted him to document the incident, which he did.

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