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Knife + Rock < Handcuffs + Guns

Knife + Rock < Handcuffs + Guns

San Xavier Beat

Jan. 30, 3:32 p.m.

An unwanted trailer-park visitor embarked on a malicious power trip—greatly disturbing two families—despite the relative wimpiness of his weapons, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the southwest side, where a male trailer-park resident reported that a 30-something man wearing an orange cap had been banging on the door of the trailer next to him, loudly harassing its two female residents for an unclear reason.

The subject then apparently traveled to the other end of the park, where a young boy told deputies the man had thrown a rock at him while he was sitting on his family's porch—and when the rock fell on the other side of his family's fence, the man entered their yard without permission and pulled a knife on their dog for barking at him, even threatening to kill it.

The man reportedly kept yelling that he'd "fuck up" anyone who "call(ed) the cops" and told the boy's grandmother to "go to hell" when she asked him to leave.

Deputies apprehended the subject, who did have a folding pocketknife on his person, and brought him to jail.

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