Police Dispatch


Foothills Area

Jan. 15, 2:33 p.m.

A woman's live-in adult son got suddenly, strangely angry after possibly scoring drugs at an auto-parts shop, which led him to throw food and other things all over her kitchen—and then he blamed it on a tiny dog he'd acquired, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Upon sheriff's deputies' arrival at the mother's house, they saw that her kitchen was in "disarray," to say the least: a notable quantity of liquid—the former contents of an overturned blender—had apparently been poured all over the stovetop; the spice rack was also on its side, with spices sprinkled heavily across the countertops; paper plates were on the floor; and smashed bread was all over one counter—although nothing (besides food) actually appeared to have been damaged.

The mother told deputies her son had been known to sometimes use drugs, but he'd been acting normal that morning when he asked to go along on some errands, requesting that she drop him off at a car-parts store and pick him up again. When she picked him up, she said, his demeanor had completely changed—he was slurring and "having an attitude" in her car. But by the time they got home, he seemed OK and went to sit on the couch and watch TV, so she ignored him—until he started screaming.

Still on the couch, she said, he began to repeatedly look over his shoulder and yell that "they were after him" and "somebody was coming to try to kill him'; soon after that he was in the kitchen throwing stuff.

The mother believed her son had picked up and consumed some kind of drug when she'd left him at the car-parts store. Apparently he'd also picked up a small dog, which he had on a rope in his bedroom when deputies found him. He told them that actually, he hadn't messed up the kitchen—this small canine had done it. (He didn't try to explain how the dog had managed to dump the blender's contents on the stove.)

The subject was arrested for domestic violence/disorderly conduct and his mother was informed of resources and options for dealing with her domestic situation and hopefully helping the son. The report didn't mention what happened to the dog.

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