Police Dispatch

Anna Mirocha


"Honey, I'm Going to My Whore Meeting"

Green Valley

Feb. 21, 11 a.m.

Someone vandalized a sign to effectively but nonsensically equate homeowners to "whores" according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report. Sheriff's deputies spoke on the phone with the reportee of the incident, apparently someone on the board of the local homeowners association, who told them that a large sign regarding a homeowners' association meeting had been vandalized.

Specifically, the words "homeowners' association meeting" on the sign had been "modified with stick-on letters to spell 'whore meeting.'" The sign was valued at $300, and the reportee had no suspects in mind.

The report didn't speculate as to why the vandals might've used their chosen word for the sign, although one must admit that sounding out the acronym "HOA" as if it were a word is indeed evocative of someone (perhaps with a Boston accent) saying "whore."

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