Police Dispatch

A Methy Situation

San Xavier Beat

Feb. 10, 11:47 p.m.

In an incident involving a bathtub and meth—but not necessarily "bathtub meth"— a man was arrested after screaming at a motel employee in his underwear upon learning he owed $600 for damaging his room, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Two sheriff's deputies were called to a south-side Days Inn, where the employee reported that a man staying in room #210 had cracked the bathtub (claiming to have fallen), which would cost about $600 to fix—as well as spitting on the mirrors in the room, for no known reason (which wouldn't cost anything to fix but was certainly disrespectful and would probably be an unpleasant surprise for the cleaning staff).

She said when the man came to talk to her about the bathtub (wearing nothing but red boxers), he was polite until she informed him he'd have to pay for the damage—at which point he became extremely aggressive, yelling curses loudly enough to make her fear for her safety.

Deputies went to the room, found nobody there, and left the scene—only to return not much later after getting a call that the subject (along with a friend) had returned to the motel's parking lot. When deputies pulled in, the man initially tried to flee, but just when he was about to jump a fence (into the parking lot of another motel), a deputy ordered him to stop and he obeyed, coming back to the parking lot to be searched. In his backpack deputies found a pipe containing meth residue—the remains of what had likely been smoked in the hotel room earlier (probably not helping calm him in his interaction with the clerk).

The man was taken to jail on charges of disorderly conduct, drug-paraphernalia possession and criminal damage. Deputies never learned what had really happened to crack the bathtub.

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